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    ​​​​Please contact the airlines in this regard​

    ​​​​​You can collect your luggage from " ‘Unclaimed baggage service " located at the arrival area in all terminals.​

    ​​​​​Passengers are not allowed to pack some items into their luggage, such as:1. Weapons and Explosives. 2. Flammable materials. 3. Gases and pressure containers. 4. lithium batteries. 5. Oxides and peroxides. 6. Radioactive materials. For more information, please check with your airlines.​

    ​​​​​The luggage allowance may vary from one airline to another. For more information, please check with the airlines.​

    ​​​​​This depends on the airlines policy, for more information, kindly contact  the airlines .

    ​​​​You can travel with your pills in either a carry-on bag or in-checked baggage.​