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Passenger Journey Survey
Passenger Journey Survey
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How many times do you usually travel a year?

What are the services that interest you most at the airport?

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How was the way to the airport?*

How was the parking facility?

fee for parking?

Availability of baggage cart?

Waiting time in check-in?

Efficiency and helpfulness of check-in staff?

Waiting time at Customs check?

Helpfulness of customs staff?

Waiting time on personal ID check control?

Helpfulness of personal ID check control staff?

Waiting time at security check?

Helpfulness of security staff?

Ease of finding your way through the airport?

Flight information screens?

Walking distance inside the terminal?

Wayfinding of Exit, Taxi (Uber), car rental?

Helpfulness and knowledge of “Ask Me” agents?

Availability of bank/ATM facility?

Wi-Fi access?

Availability and cleanness of restrooms?

Availability and cleanness of praying room?

Stores and restaurants options?

Availability and comfort of seating areas?

Overall, are you satisfied with King Khaled International Airport (KKIA)?

Please let us know if you have any observations